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Hoistech International
Box 150
Riding Mountain, MB
R0J 1T0
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Autolifts for the Automotive Industry

We provide Sales of most Autolift makes and models.
Appraisals, Safety inspections, Training and consulting.
Centrally located in South Western Manitoba, we service Manitoba
and many areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Installations and repairs no longer provided.

Major brands, including:

Girolift Wheeltronic parts only Satellite Installations
Mohawk Nenab parts only
Bend Pak Rotary parts only  
WK Industries StanDesign  


Parking lifts  
Garage and Hobbiest lifts Portable lifts And parts for many others.


Click on the pictures above to see more of our product line.

We search Worldwide
and sell to Central Canada

Some manufacturers reserve the right to restrict distribution to certain territories,
as such, not all equipment on this site is made available for worldwide sales.
To see if we cover your area, for a quotation or more information on a lift
or tool of your choice please call or email us.

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We also provide the following services.
Safety inspections, appraisals, travel services, cruises, hotels, car rental, air flight and all inclusive vacation packages.
Business opportunities working from home part time with Gifts for all occasions.
Free financial education showing families and individuals strategies which may enable them to not only become dept free by saving enormous amounts in taxes, help grow their savings much faster than the traditional banking industry can, and offering that education as an opportunity to start and run a profitable part time or full time home business with the help of very strong professional and successful world leaders in the financial industry. CAll 1-204-212-4000 for more information.

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